Couv Catalogue 2017-2018

Our new catalogue is available (in French).

You will find our comprehensive range of LPS including the FUSADEE SPDs to answer your questions regarding lightning and overvoltage surges.

A PDF version is available on the page "Support"

ADEE electronic passed the audit carried out by the French public-body INERIS to obtain the Qualifoudre label.

The QUALIFOUDRE label Qualifoudre guarantees the quality of the products and services offered by the LPS providers.

ADEE electronic has been certified as a reliable SPD manufacturer since 1st March 2006 onwards.

What are the caracteristics of lightning and its effects ? What are the norms and standards currently in force ? How to protect electrical installations reliably?

If you need to resfresh or improve your knowledge regarding LPS and general installation rules, please feel free to join one of our full-day training sessions which take place in our head offices in PONT DE PANY or at an other place on request.

We also offer half-day information meetings for electricians and installers.

The origin, effects and spreading patterns of overvoltage surges as well as the reliability of LPS and their installation rules will be the topics of this free information meeting (travel & accomodation expenses are not included).

To register and be informed about the coming sessions or request a training session on site, please feel free to call us at +33 (0)

ADEE electronic is also qualified to carry out technical studies ("lightning studies") in compliance with the French law (15/1/2008 & 19/7/2011).
On top of being qualified to manufacture SPDs, ADEE electronic's staff has the skills to carry out technical studies required for the installation of a LPS on facilities listed under environment protection regulations as a result of a specific audit passed under the supervision of the public reasearch body INERIS.

ADEE electronic complète ses outils de contrôles et a investi dans un générateur de chocs pour le test des parafoudres à fort courant.

Le générateur de chocs permet dorénavant de produire des ondes de courant de forme 8/20µs jusqu'à 100kA et de forme 10/350µs jusqu'à 15kA pour les essais des parafoudres de type 1 et de type 2. Cet équipement sera notamment utilisé pour le développement de nouveaux produits.