Corporate profile

ADEE electronic is a French designer, manufacturer and seller of lightning protection solutions (LPS).

Such solutions can be classified in 2 different types :

  • Surge protective devices (SPDs) designed to protect installations and equipment against induction surges (indirect effects)
  • Lightning rods installed to protect buildings, people and animals against direct effects (lightning strike).

ADEE electronic offers 3 ranges of SPDs :

  • SPDs featuring the exclusive technology of the “avalanche” Zener diodes for the fastest triggering time worldwide (picoseconds).
  • SPDs with Metal-Oxyde Varistors (MOVs)
  • Spark-gap SPDs installed in buildings equipped with lightning rods.

2 ranges of lightning rods are also available :

Early Streamer Emission (ESE) air terminals designed and manufactured in PONT DE PANY (France). These air terminals reduce the corona effect (a natural point effect provoked by an increase in the potential of the electric field) and then generate electrical loads thus favoring the creation of the lightning.

“Franklin” rods used for meshed cages installations.

Since 2006, ADEE electronic’s technical skills and expertise in lightning protection have been awarded the quality label QUALIFOUDRE granted by the French public research body INERIS. To obtain such label, the company has acquired comprehensive knowledge of the construction and installation standards on top of implementing a quality policy for the manufacturing process of its LPS. ADEE electronic is now qualified to carry out feasibility studies and inspections in complex installations such as the facilities listed under environment protection regulations (ICPE).

ADEE electronic is certified ISO 9001:2008.

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